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Mediwitch Poppy Pomfrey

Poppy Pomfrey - Mediwitch

Poppy Pomfrey is the resident Mediwitch of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She rules the Hospital Wing with an iron fist and a kind heart. A graduate herself of that very school, she found her medical calling early in her educational career and was highly successful in her training. Poppy turned down several offers for high paying and high prominence positions to take up residency at Hogwarts, feeling that the children needed a Mediwitch in residence who truly understood both their academic environment and their emotional states. She took a second post-graduate degree in Wizarding Psychology to help in her monitoring of the student body.

Poppy is a cheerful 71 years old this term, but only feels thirty or so of those years personally. She was born on the summer solstice and everyone says that clearly the sun has had an enormous influence on her sunny personality and cheerful disposition. While she is not likely to take guff from anyone, and can have a sharp tongue and sharper wit, she is overall a sweet and kind woman.


With silver hair that retains just a few remaining streaks of her once outrageous black mane, she still retains an appearance of youth, with fine skin just now showing the ravages of age. Constantly found by her students in her uniform, she likes to relax in her private quarters in muggle jeans and warm wool sweaters. Only a few of her student patients have ever seen her so relaxed, however. They are far more used to seeing her crisp gray eyes over the starched white uniform. She is of a moderate hight at 5'4" and her ongoing work keeps her mostly fit, although she tends towards curviness.


Poppy is highly intelligent and is one of the true experts in her field. It was stunning to the world of Mediwizardry when she took the post at Hogwarts instead of going into research or making a strong name for herself in the field. She is sweet and caring, but intolerant of skivving and silliness.

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